Knowing When to Say “When”


Well, it finally happened. Brett Favre has retired. Only time will tell if it is permanent, but from what I’ve seen, it looks to be the end of an era. Knowing how to stop is just as important as knowing when to begin. Before there are book out about how he should quit,  how he has played beyond his time or how his staying in the game has brought his team down, Brett has chosen to step aside.

There will be plenty of people who will want to find a “reason” why. They will point to him being pushed out by Green Bay, how that “had” to be how it happened – I don’t think so.

Brett is one of my favorite guys in professional sports because he is grateful to what the sport has meant to him, but he is not over enamored by his own mythology. I doubt we will see him quickly step up to become a commentator on a network like others have done.

I like Brett because he seems to be more at home in Mississippi than in Green Bay. He is talented – no doubt to that – but the talent hasn’t made him into an egomaniac. He presents an example to all of us who seek to do “great things”.

When we achieve those “great things” fame is often thrust upon us, but the true revelation of a persons greatness is not in the things they have done, but in the way they respond to greatness. If you have not prepared as to how and what you will do when greatness comes, the onslaught of fame can become a curse.

Always remember that famous people are not often truly great, and truly great people are not often famous, but when the two converge you often have a modern iconoclast – someone who leads by breaking the mold and exhibiting facets of character that transcend the normal and pave the way to a new definition of what it means to be great. 

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