Thom Browne


Here is the second in a short list of people who are doing things that are bringing success to their companies and pushing design and innovation further. Thom Browne is a Guest Designer for the clothing classic, Brooks Brothers. His take on what he can bring to the company, I think, mirrors the attitude that we should have in all of our endeavours in life – be them business, personal or spiritual.

He says, “I signed on to do four seasons, but it is important to do something that isn’t going to just be around for a couple of years, then gone. I want to establish something that can live on past my involvement in it.”

This should be the cry of all who consider influence an important aspect in working and relating to others. The influence that we want is not a flash in the pan act. It has to resonate far beyond an individual occasion or action. Influence has to continue beyond our individual involvement and toward the establishment of a mark that is made and lasts.

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