We Love an Underdog


With all of the political talk going around, it is impossible not perceive someone as the underdog. Americans love the underdog. Maybe because as a country we were an underdog in taking on the British, maybe it’s because many who came to this country during the first floods of immigration were, in their own countries, underdogs. Whatever the case, nothing gets our emotions going more than to have a public race that includes an underdog.

The interesting thing is that a person or cause can move from front-runner status to become an underdog almost overnight. With the flood of instant information and blogs going straight to your in-box, your opinion can change about a candidate or issue rather quickly. Such it has been in the Democratic race for the nomination. Both candidates have tasted the cool wind of the front-runner and the bitter dust of the underdog.

Considering the race is nowhere near over it will be a sure bet that roles will change. When the nominations are set in several months the roles will begin again adding John McCain to the roll call.

What can we learn from this? I think we can settle in the fact that in out lives we may face being an underdog at times, but the wave of popularity will come round again and we will find ourselves afloat, at the front of the pack. Never underestimate the underdog, but don’t despair if it happens to be you. 

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