The Power of Words


Just a comment here about the power that is contained in words. During this campaign season we are hit from both sides with words words words. Every candidate is seeking to separate themselves from the other and distinguish themselves as THE candidate to vote for.

In the process there are many words that flow between and about the people running for office. In a few months our ears will have become numb to the talking points of each person and we will collectively try to advance time to November. Before we endure this and leave it with nothing, lets take this time to examine the value of words and their influence on us and those around us.

Words can help us or hinder us. In each of our lives we have the choice which words to us in every situation of life. We are the authors of our future as we dictate into history our lives. What we choose can have long lasting consequences, as we will see in the campaign.

Just take the next week and see if your words change because of paying more attention to them and their power. As we wake up each day the world awaits our voice. The world longs to hear what we wish for each day and doesn’t hesitate to bring it to pass.

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