Make Your Weakness Your Strength-Part 1

The idea of working from our strengths, for me, originated in a discussion with Marcus Buckingham. He has been involved with the Gallup organization for several years and recently authored and co-authored several books about the idea of working from your strengths.  These are great books that , if you haven’t read them, make it a point to do so.

For the next couple of days I want to look at the word, “strength”. What does it mean, and more importantly what it means about how we should live our lives and interact with people. Finally we will ask the question, “can a weakness actually be a cloaked strength?”

“Strength” is a word that conveys a certain weight. It gives a presence to a given activity or situation. To have strength also conveys some sense of proclivity or talent in regard to an action of some kind. It is typically assumed that a strength is a proficiency in a subject.

These are what we think about when we hear the word strength, tomorrow we will look at what it means for us.

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