The Importance of Being Grateful


Gratitude is an overlooked virtue in today’s society. With so much speed and a barrage of information, the courtesies of another era seem to have passed. What has not changed is the appreciation with which gratitude and other virtues are received. We cannot deny the positive power of a smile or a kind uplifting word sent our way. Even in the middle of a terrible day, a grateful person has the power to trump all negative experiences and bring a fresh joy to our life.

Do not underestimate the power and importance of gratitude on others and the power of a grateful heart upon yourself. When you seek to find the things that you can be grateful about, you weed through the goings on of the day and reap the positive. Too often we sift through the day and find only negative things to deem worthy of commenting on.

Instead look at the things to be grateful about – things that we are blessed to have – things that bring happiness to our lives.

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