Propose Solutions


Quit asking for polls and opinions and begin to propose solutions. I your life, and mine, there are ample opportunities to hear how other people want things done. Advice is on every corner and in every in-box. Though there may be shortages of some things in our world, there is no shortage of other people offering their reasons as to why you should do things their way.

We can become weak in our abilities to make decisions and stand for positions we agree with. Having an unpopular opinion is not the same as having The Plague. The easy route is to find the “pulse of the people” and follow it’s every whim and movement. The difficult route – and it has always been the difficult way – is to believe in something and stand for it.

Whatever you believe in, one day it will not be popular. One day your ideas won’t be en vogue. One day you will have to choose to maintain the course of your belief or change course based on someone else’s belief.

Stay your course and be a person who offers the way – who offers solutions to others problems. Be the person people go to when they don’t know what to do. Propose a solution, and I promise you’ll find people following you. I know this because people who propose solutions are rare individuals – be a rare kind, disregard popular opinion and offer solutions. 

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