“Life is too short to be small.”


I’m into quotes lately. This one comes from Benjamin Disraeli, and it sums up a huge area. When I think of living small, I tend to think of people who simply live for themselves. The extent that they wish to change culture and the human condition ends when it begins to concern someone else. Selfish people are small people. The true impact they have is small, and the life they live is a small one.

When we live a big life, we encourage others to be a part of our lives. We increase the number of people and ideas that we entertain when our lives are big. Considering yesterdays post about time, life is too short to concern yourself with just you. Lift up your head and look around and you will see a world waiting to become part of your world. Don’t settle for a small mediocre life – the decision is yours, and I’d choose to have a “big” life.

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