Practically Letting Go #3

Alright, here’s another tried and true way to increase your effectiveness and actually accomplish things on a regular basis. It is not earth shattering and doesn’t come close to profound, but it does work, and for me, that is all that matters.

I have lived through days where my “to do” list seemed endless. My typical movement throughout the day consisted of going from one task to the next, without finishing any of them.

OK, here is the nugget of truth – take a piece of paper (no blackberry, palm or other so-called organizer) fold it three times. On one side of the paper write the top three things that must be done for that day and nothing else. I have found that the myriad of smaller items find their way into my mind whether I write them down or not. Now you have three needful and doable things to accomplish each day. This gives each day focus and purpose and leaves you at the end of the day knowing that you were successful in fulfilling your obligations.

Only put down those things that must be done. This keeps you on track and never behind!

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