Productive vs. Busy


This is one of my largest areas of “time wasters”. I will catch myself busily working on something that does not have any application to shortening the gaps between the achievement of my goals and work. I can put in hours and hours on things that either someone else can do (not being prideful, just making a point) or things that have neutral impact on my life.

Time is something that is increasing in value as I age. The seeming indefatigability of youth is catching up to me – I know I’m not old, but the term “old” is relative anyway. I want to do things that get me closer to accomplishing the things I want people to learn from and talk about when I’m gone.

We can laugh about using the terms “legacy” and “heritage”, but each day we either deposit, withdraw or ignore the balance we will leave behind. Passion is great, and something that I find increasing as the days go by, but passion without focus will just make me tired at the end of the day. Passion with focus will bring me closer to my desired achievements and give purpose to my days.

When I was growing up, people used the axiom, “busy as a bee”, it worked because it rhymed – I think bees are far more productive than just being busy. I do concede, however, that “productive as a bee” doesn’t quite have the same ring.

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