One Month to Live


I had to comment on this new book. I had read an article that mentioned it and then during the Super Bowl, I saw and advertisement for it. I picked it up at the local Books-a-Million and found an interesting idea. What would you do if you knew that you only had 30 days to live.

Who would you talk to, what would you write, where would you go; what would you do? I found the questions compelling and decided that I would actively ponder the thought and put action to some of my conclusions.

What I found was an immediate sense of anxiety. There were so many things that shot through my mind. So many people and places and events. What struck me though, probably the most, was that after the initial shock and feeling of being overwhelmed, I quickly began to automatically sift through and decipher the important things that had value.

My conclusion is that this exercise can be extremely beneficial in helping us to see the things of great value that surround us each and every day. We have many scattered ideas about what things we have to do, but in light of the question of being gone in 30 days, reality helps us really see around us.

I remember as a youth I became busy, as most of us have, and walked up the steps to my house and noticed that the flowers on the dogwood by the front door were falling. I had been so consumed with my own perceived important things, that I had missed the blooming and grandeur of the flowers. I only realized and recognized them when it was too late to enjoy their gift of beauty.

Take a moment today and think about that question: what would you do if you had only 30 days to live?

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