Why do we seek religious experiences? Is is so that we can revel in feeling something other-worldly or mystical? Is it because we are in fear of the “regular world” and need a fix of something sublimely different?

I think that in our constant search for an Experience, we become distracted from the real void that exists in our lives. In seeking an experience we also are seeking validation – ultimate validation, if we are honest – from God Himself.

We look around and feel lacking in some area, so we go to the Supreme Power of the Universe to get His take on our own feelings of impotence. We figure that if He at least says we are OK , we can deal with the rest of the world’s oppressive comments. We try to form a spiritual allegiance with the Godhead so that we can what? Feel good about ourselves? How twisted is that?

Instead, if we are seeking, why not seek to know ourselves better. In learning to know ourselves and accepting ourselves we will find, I am sure, that the God who dwelt among us will become the God that dwells with us. In other words, there are so few people actively trying to figure themselves out and really live life, that God is compelled to check it out.

No this isn’t Keats or Longfellow or Kant, but I do think it is true. Even Jesus said, “The Kingdom is within.” Why do we search so much in the exterior when the real action is in the interior?

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