Communion With God


When we tend to think about communion we think of a time of deep thought and prayer centered around the sacrifice of Jesus and the last meal the disciples and Jesus shared. We think about the sacrament in the church that is a religious ceremony involving the eating of a small wafer and the drinking of either wine or grape juice, depending on religious faith.

I want to look at the interpretation of the word “communion” and our need to turn a choice meeting of Jesus and His disciples into a rote ceremony. I think the first thing to examine is the fact that the original “communion” was a meal, a dinner shared with friends. When we take time to eat together we develop relational bonds that go further than just superficial exchanges.

Another aspect that I want to focus on is that in the sharing of a meal we do two things:talk and listen. There is a give and take in  the dialogue and both parties lean from the time spent with each other. The next time you experience the rite of communion in your given faith, think about the sharing of intimacy between each of us and God. This aspect can enhance the meaning given and give relevance to an activity that generations of those following Christ have participated in.

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