“Everything is beautiful”

In a previous post I mentioned the scripture in Ecclesiasties 3:11 where everything is described as having beauty in its own time as a characteristic. I wanted to revisit this. It is difficult to look at situations we share and those that appear singular to us and use the word, “beauty” to describe them.

It is not beautiful to lose a job or loved one. It is not beautiful to go through divorce. It is not beautiful to experience pain. The key phrase I think we have to examine is “in its time”. The scripture is not saying that everything is beautiful all the time. It is saying that there are things that appear once to be horrific and grotesque, but at a later time can bring beauty and even appear beautiful themselves because of the joy that has resulted from them.

In simplistic terms, there can be no appreciation for peace without the terror of war. We live under a constant tension that lets us experience both the good and the bad. As the narrative explains, Adam and Eve took of the fruit. From that taking came the knowledge of both good and evil. I think the blessing in the curse is that they were able to truly enjoy the good and also see the devastation of the bad.

Regardless of current circumstances, everything will find itself beautiful in its own time.

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