Practically Letting Go: Part 2

Hope Part 1 helped some of you guys out. Here’s another tried and true method to my madness, and a way to free up unproductive time.

Dialogue is important in what I do. The decisions that I make are made using information from multiple sources. I talk to people, read books, listen and watch various media outlets in order to formulate a strategy for visual and content success. Each series requires individual attention and frequent adjustment. The point is – I have a lot to do in a short amount of time. This is coupled by the fact that the process is repeated every 4-5 weeks.

One of the greatest Idea Assets that I have found is to: NOT GET INVOLVED IN MEANINGLESS DIALOGUE. I put that in caps to arrest your attention. This is critical. If you are like me, people like to talk to you; and you like to talk to them. Problems arise when you need to focus on the Big Idea.

There are people in all of our lives who simply want to talk. They don’t offer any additional input into a situation, they don’t help you make a decision, and they certainly don’t contribute to a completion of a project. Love these people, but don’t get involved in meaningless dialogue with them. Be straightforward and firm. Your time belongs to you, and only you can give it away.

Utilize this one principle and loads of time will open up for you.  

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