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November 20, 2008


Yes, I went to see Twilight. Not only did I go to see it; I was watching it at the midnight premier showing. I brought Shawn McCann, he helped me on a book review a few weeks back, and then there was about ten thousand teenage girls. I won’t put in any teenage girl humor because you’ve probably already added it in yourself!

The movie itself was different than the book in it’s tone. I read about half of the first book before going to the movie. The plot and dialogue came up to be about what the book contained. I can’t stress how different the reactions were in the movie theatre from the reactions I had planned on hearing. From the start there were more giggles than “oohs”. The main character was supposed to be a smooth guy, but he started off decidedly un-smooth.

There were some good parts, but the movie was aimed to a distinct target audience – an audience that didn’t include me. Humor was the most surising facet of Twilight. Toward the end there was a quote that was somewhat profound. The main guy and gal are dancing under the lit gazebo for the school dance and she asks him why he didn’t let her become a vampire like himself. Her feeling was that, if he had, she would be able to live forever with him. He responds by asking her if just one long lifetime with him would be enough.

I couldn’t help but think if that is the conversation the Church is having with God/Jesus today. There is such a stress on the “happily ever after” fairytale “by-and-by” life in heaven, that many so-called Christians waste the life given to them, to live here dissatisfied and without desire to “do” anything but wait “until He comes”.

How sad that the gift of Christ is used for such a small expression of life. Life is to be lived. There is an abundant life to be lived, but you must live it. It will not live on it’s own. You must give it breath and strength as you choose to step out and become active in your life.