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The Flow of Compassion

January 10, 2009

One of the big thoughts in my mind currently is to better understand how we can create, instead of react to, our future. In scripture Jesus talks about “abundant life” and many have sought to define just what he meant by those words. There is also in scripture a dialogue with Jesus where he mentions, almost in passing, that the “things I do, you will do more”.

I don’t know about you, but for me, most of my life in church has been spent looking for a way to live that life and do the the things Jesus spoke of. We can expand and look at other scriptures from other major religions and find similar passages. Yet in all of this religious speak, for evidence we have a handful of people who have impacted the world.

It is my belief that there is a way for each of us to live life in a “flow” of exemplary moments that work together to bring about a change for the common good. Some may say I’ve lost it or that I’m naive, but I truly think that we live life on auto-pilot most of the time, and if we would learn how to “live” we would see things that each of us internally desire but externally are impoverished as to both the “what” question and the “how”.

I’ve said before that the “how” is not my domain, and I believe it more today than ever before. One thing that I have uncovered is the role comapssion has to play in living a life full of little miracles.

We all know we should have compassion on others, but the most important I’ve found is compassion for ourselves – present and past. The biggest lesson for me in my own developmental path has been to learn to display compassion toward myself for past shortcomings and failures.

This is one of the greatest steps to head you forward on your own path of developmental transformation. We must let go and let life “flow” through us instead of trying to unsuccessfully control our lives. Once the past is dealt with, the present and future are free to move forward unentangled.

There Is No Regret

January 7, 2009

When we live as though there are things we would like to change about our past – regrets in our lives- we are deciding to reject the coinciding moments in our lives that have made us the people we have become.

If we choose, instead, to embrace the path we’ve been on, whether conscious or unconscious, we then accept the entirety of our lives – the total sum of our being.

Once done, this embrace puts to rest much of the internal chatter that sits unresolved in our minds. Unresolved because it resides in a zone outside our ability to change. The past is done, but the present is available as a pen to author our future.

The real beauty in music is not the notes, but the space between the notes, the silence intermingled with sound that brings balance. So in our lives, as we open up space in our mind, we will begin to see the beauty that has always resided in each of us, but because of busyness remained hidden and unnoticed.

What Does Your Future Look Like?

November 12, 2008

This past week I was rereading some books that I had stacked up, one was Turning To One Another by Meg Wheatley. Great book about the value of simple conversations and being presnt in those conversations. What struck me was a quote by Paulo Freire which said,

 “What if we discover that our present way of life is irreconcilable with our vocation to become fully human?”

If you are like me, I don’t often find myself thinking about what it means to be fully human. You may be asking the same question, but for Paulo, the answer is that the vocation, or calling, to be fully human is given to us and therefore signifies that we are part of a larger place.

To become fully human means that we live an open life that is filled with generosity. We become more human each time we make the decision to reach out instead of withdrawing into our personal sufferings and experiences.

We can only become fully human when we extend ourselves. When we create a world of secrecy and whispers around us, we lose life rather than gain life. When we chose to become aloof and non-communicative we allow our ego to reign and prevent our own growth. When we close ourselves off from those around us, we may pretend that we are doing it for our own good. The truth is that we lack the courage to engage real dialogue – conversations where I speak and then become silent and listen. Speeches do not give; they are not generous. Listening and opening ourselves up to one another are acts of generosity. These are the actions that lead to our becoming fully human and going from a human doing to a human being.