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Columbus Day

October 13, 2008

Columbus Day is an important day because without it, the Spanish would have never found the Americas. This is somewhat funny paradoxically as many experts say that within the decade more people will speak predominately Spanish than English in the United States. Columbus was always important to me – we share a first name.

The holiday is celebrated as Day of the Cultures in Costa Rica (a place I hope to retire to). I like that. We should have a Day of the Cultures in the United States. After all, we are an amalgamation of cultures from around the globe – we should celebrate it.

I celebrated with a time being home with family – both blood family and those who I have had the privilege of calling family because we “do life together”. We talked about the future and what we wanted for our children and then we ate (because you can’t have a family gathering without food!) Life is good – not because of the stock market or the bond market or because of my paycheck. Life is good because I do not have to live it alone! Be it so for you and yours. Live life, but live it in relationship. It is the messiest, most chaotic and most wonderful way to exist on this planet we call Earth!