True Success In Life

Over the last few weeks I’ve gone through some notebooks that I’ve written in the past. Like every experience and truism we find in life, the next few blog posts have come from a variety of sources in the past. They area series of questions that, if answered honestly, can greatly benefit your life. Some will seem like no-brainers, but despite a desire to skip over and not participate in an exercise, press ahead and asnswer the questions and act on the answers. My hope is that you benefit from the time you spend in honest evaluation of you real wants and desires.

Remember there are no wrong answers.

The first question is:

“What are the 5 things that you value the most in life?”

 Answer in sixty seconds quickly. Put down your gut answers, because those are the most truthful to who you are.

Whatever you wrote out as your five top values can change in the next few months or years, but for now it will give some direction and purpose and help answer some of the “Why?” questions in your life.

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