What We See, We Believe

“Seeing is Believing” We’ve all heard that quote before, but what does it mean, and how does it impact our own lives. What we spend time looking at has an effect on what we allow into our belief system. What we look at also has an effect on the strength of our current beliefs. I’m not talking about negative aspects. We are familiar with those. What we are not familiar with is the positive influences that can happen because of what we chose to gaze at.

Whether we chose to spend time looking at a sunrise, sunset or a mist rising over a large field in the early morning. These images impact our attitudes during the day and our remembrances of the day in the future. Choosing to look at something that lifts us up inside can have a direct influence on the successes or failures we experience during the day.

Take time and chose to look at something beautiful. See how it effects and changes your perspective and to that end, your life.

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