The (re)Myth: Part 2

In the process of looking at words used too long by the Church are some others. Another word is, “Revolution”. This is a word full of baggage and energy, some positive, but mostly negative. In the global sense, Revolution is all about overthrowing something (be it a belief system or a way of experiencing church). To those doing the “revolutionizing”, nothing could be greater than removing the old guard with something new.

Later, however, the posture is much different. Somewhere someone will want to “Revolutionize” this new way of doing things for a new, newer way and the cycle continues. The one word that should be used instead is “Reformation”.

To re – form something is truth. To take the expression and refigure it is the great challenge, not obliterating the visage of the past church. When we use our language, we must use care and think from different perspectives.

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