The (re)Myth: Part 1

Alot of things that we hold dear in mainline church have a presupposition about them that has been handed out to  us by a previous generation. These ideas are no more than cultural myths that reside within the context of the western Christian church. One of these is the notion of Revival. In the typical sense, the concept of Revival seems straightforward enough, but by looking just underneath the surface we see something more. Integrated in the idea of Revival is that something has died and needs reviving.

In my history, and my study of The history of the church, I can not find a time when the Church was dead. Plenty of times when respiration was shallow and the pulse slowed, but never dead. So if you wish to bring up the word, “Revival”, the truth cannot be used.  The truth is that the Church has had struggles, but never dead.

Though many within the church culture would simply “understand” what we are saying when we use the word “Revival”, those not indoctrinated with Christianese will be left trying to understand what we mean, or taking our words and coming to conclusions we never meant.

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