World AIDS Day 2008


Today is December 1st and that also means that it is World AIDS Day. Since the 80’s I’ve seen the little red ribbon surge in popularity and create a whole new way of showing support for a cause, to being left in the drawer and almost forgotten. There are even those who believe that the whole AIDS Crisis was made up. Kind of hard to believe that when you have over 25 million people dead between the years of 1981 and 2007.

A great deal has been done, but there are still more than an estimated 33 million people living with HIV today. As the years pass there is a new picture emerging of AIDS. In the 80’s it was young “reckless” people, living “reckless” lives. Now, almost 30 years later, those young people are either well into middle age or are retiring.

The first World AIDS Day took place on December 1, 1988.  Twenty years later the red ribbon seems to have been with us forever. Today, say a prayer for those who are dealing with this pandemic and their families. And say a prayer that we find a cure and put this virus into history along with smallpox and polio.

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