Words From Rumi

Rumi was a Persian poet who had and continues to have considerable influence in both the Middle East as well as here in America. His poems are known for their spiritual significance and poignancy. One that I felt would be good to share is short and to the point.

“Sit down and be quiet.
You are drunk, and this is the
edge of the roof.”

How often do we become caught up in the activities of the day, drunk if you will, and forget about the life we are living and the world around us. Taking time to consider and think about things consciously is a discipline that is lost from our collective accepted behaviour. Anyone can sit and say that they are thinking, but the truth of their words comes from the actions that follow.

Take some time today and think – if for just 5 or 10 minutes. Focus on the thinking and quiet yourself. Often when you return to your work things will seem clearer. This isn’t magic, it is the way we were meant to live our lives.

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