The Illusion of Certainty

We have been sold a bill of goods. We’ve grown up believing that the world we live in is static and unmoving. We have been taught that the world that was defined in our history textbook is the same as the world we actually live in. All of these ideas are false – entirely false.

Maybe the textbook writers thought the world was stable and certain, but the army of advertisers who want us to purchase “new and improved” products at an epidemic rate know that they, the ad men, need the world to be a restless unstable place. They need you to change your toothpaste, and change your detergent and change your paper towels. They need you to change these things because they need to “sell” them to you. If you only bought Crest toothpaste, were happy with Crest toothpaste and never knew any reason why you should change from Crest to Aquafresh, the print and television media would suffer. And the ad guy would lose his job.

We have been trained to love the new and stylish item more than the old proven one. Think for yourself. The only emails and YouTube videos that get sent to you are the interesting ones – the provocative ones. No one forwards a boring video or email.

Today, change is the word of the hour. Change is what we want and change is what we “need”. Old and frugal do not get the attention of people. Instead, new and different and loud gain attention. As we embrace the concept that we all are leaders and not just leaders but “needed now” leaders, we have to notice that culture today demands a leader who will dare to make a lot of noise and disrupt the status quo. People want to be a part of a movement and people want change. None of those things are stable and certain.

In the Age of Change the only thing certain is that nothing is certain!

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