It’s my Birthday…again!

Yes, I’m a Halloween baby. For years and years you’ve celebrated my birthday unknowingly. For those who didn’t know, some questions they’ve had have now been answered! Sometimes we have birthdays that are good and others that are bad, but today has been a great day for me. I woke up this morning and had dozens of birthday wishes on Facebook, then I had several people call and then topped it off by meeting at the Holton’s house for trick-or-treating and some good time together (there was also a cake and some good punch!).

So much as happened over the past year to be grateful for, that there simply isn’t enough time or space. Most of it boils down to good times with good friends and being able to be myself. For years I tried to fit into a mold that was made by other people, that was difficult and stressful. The transition to being yourself may be hard, but the “being” yourself part is an indescribably simpler way to live. My friends and I may not agree on everything (we don’t for the record), but the thing we do agree on is that we are friends. Being connected with people in an organic way seems to be the antidote for most of the stressful junk that most of us wade through each day.

When I think of people I want to hang out with or talk to I think of the people who are a part of Lifepoint. The best birthday present of all is to know that true friends are just a phone call away – in fact sometimes they have called before I did! This next year is certainly going to have some new stuff in it. There will be new economic, political and financial events, but in each of the different experiences awaiting in the following year, I know I’ve got people who care for me, and who I care for, that will be sharing in the experiences with me.

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