OK, had to post about this great game between UGA and LSU. Both are great teams; both are great SEC teams; and both really wanted to win this game. By far, the most memorable moment was right after one of the commentators proclaimed that Matthew Stafford could not give the ballto Knowshon Moreno. If Stafford did give the ball to Moreneo, LSU’s defense would stop him. The words had no more left his mouth than Matthew gave the ball to Knowshon and Moreno ran through LSU’s defense down the field.

The score was high on both sides. Georgia scored more that they had ever scored in a game at LSU. To be fair, LSU’s red-shirt freshman quarterback Lee did a good job in keeping momentum when he was playing as quarterback. This was a great game to watch. I particularly liked watching Matthew Stafford. He showed just how good he can be. Incredible arm, aim and focus. In spite of the fact that a good number of LSU fans were in the parking lot on the way home, the game ended with just as much enthusiasm from both teams players as it had begun with.

All said and done, another great Saturday of college football in Georgia!

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