Alzheimer’s Memory Walk

Alzheimer’s is a disease that is increasingly affecting more and more of us. Today it is uncommon to find someone who does not know of a friend, family member or acquaintance who either has known, knows or is going through themselves this terrible disease.

The most difficult part of Alzheimer’s is that when we lose memory, we lose the path of our life. When the signposts of the past are gone, we truly become lost. To watch as someone you love enters into a place of lostness within themselves is a decidedly helpless position to find yourself in.

My friend, Mike Scarborough, has set up a team to participate in the Georgia Alzheimer’s Memory Walk this November 1st. I encourage you to click here and either become part of the team, donate or both. Significant advances are being made in the search for a cure, but more help is needed. Together we can indeed make a great difference in the future!

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