Kid Rock – Rock and Roll Jesus

The most interesting thing happened Sunday. I had heard several people talk about the newest Kid Rock song, “All Summer Long”. Some were saying that they liked it, and others were wondering if we could do it in service. For about a week I had meant to buy it. I even asked Eli, one of our guitarists and my brother-in-law, if they had it and if I could listen to it. Then it happened. When I went up to get ready for the third service, Stephanie had put the CD on my keyboard.

Even more, I had gone to YouTube and listened to a couple of songs that I was floored by. One was from this CD, “Amen”. On the CD she had written to listen to track 2 and 7. Track 2 is “Amen”. So you know what we’ll be playing shortly on Sunday morning! Kid Rock is transparent and authentic in his lyrics and delivery. I know his honesty isn’t for everyone, but I respect his knowledge of himself and his passion for life.

Music is designed to have an emotional response. Some music is put together without thought or reason, but Kid Rock sings and performs like a seasoned rock and roll philosopher. Loved the music! Went and immediately put it on my iPod where it will reside for, what I’m predicting, will be quite a while.

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