Emotional Intelligence

No, this is not a review of Daniel Goleman’s book Emotional Intelligence. The book is a great one that brought to the forefront the importance of emotional intelligence in the work place. His later book Social Intelligence is a few books down in my “Need to Read” stack, so you will be hearing about it in a future post. You can read his blog here.

This look at emotion comes from a meeting the staff had with Transformational Architect, Ron Martoia. During several hours the concept distilled the most was that emotional health in relationships is far more important than technical skills, knowledge, talent and ability to success in a working environment. The level to which emotion plays a part in interactions and the decision-making process is astounding. The way we continually do the same things emotionally expecting different results is equally as astounding.

Thankfully, we are not stuck in an emotional mud-bank. We each have what we need to cause personal and professional momentum to increase and, in turn, to increase the positive momentum of any organization we are a part of. Far more can be said than I would want to post, but the key is that whatever emotional position you are in now, you are not destined to stay there. You do have a future to be written that contains emotions full of health that help to propel you toward a great preferred future that you write.

If you have some specific questions about this topic, ask and we’ll see where it goes!

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