Several years ago I read a book by John Eldridge called, Wake the Dead. It was probably one of the most transformational books I have ever read. The key to its effect was a quote on the cover and repeated in the book itself. It was a quote by Saint Ireneas which stated that “the glory of God is man fully aware.” I could not get that quote out of my mind and soul.

The essence of the words continued to revolve around inside me as I sought out what it meant to be “fully aware”. I can’t say that I know even now what it truly means to be “fully aware”, but I do know that the journey toward the zenith of that quote has brought me into contact to many ideas and concepts that I would have probably shunned before.  In many other religious practices the idea of awareness is central.

Too often we live according to a mechanistic attitude based only on what has been done by and to us and correlated with what we desire to do or dread will be done in the future. I can only remember the past and hope for the future. Awareness can only be known in the current present I am living. To truly notice life as we pass through it is to glean wonder and awe from each moment, and in the gleaning really live. 

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