“What you resist, persists.” That was spoken by Carl Jung, one of my favorite people. I know some would question, but I really do enjoy reading about Jung and the perception he had on life and the formation of our inner person.

This quote resounds with me. When we focus our attention on negative things, we find ourselves surrounded by more of the same. When we strive and put forth all our effort in one direction against one idea or issue, it seems that the idea or issue grows in magnitude right before our eyes.

Have you wanted to start eating healthy, and as soon as you make “the commitment” every fast food chain suddenly comes out with brand new sandwiches? You finally decide you need to start saving money, and as quick as you deposit the first bit into your savings, the greatest sale is announced. Do you find yourself asking – “What gives?”

Instead of focusing our interest on the negative, put the positive in front of your eyes and center on those things.

It has been said that energy flows where attention goes. If you want the negatives to have energy and momentum in your life  – put those things in front of you, but if you want the positive actions and issues in your life to grow and become energized – put the spotlight on them and see what happens.

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2 Comments on “Jung”

  1. […] to Carl Jung, the four ways of interpreting reality are the four ego-functions – Sensation, Thinking, Feeling, […]

  2. Marla Says:

    This kind of points to the wisdom of the verse in the Bible encouraging us to think about things that are true and beautiful. Interesting.

    I’ll see you at Q!

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