What’s Wrong With the Ego?


The question of the positive or negative aspects of ego could result in conversations lasting for years. The interest in and the commentary on the ego could also fill a library. The essence of this post is to make the point that in one great aspect, the ego is responsible for dividing our interests and progression in the path toward God.

Most religious teaching talks of severing the relationship with the ego: literally dying to its needs. Only then, it is taught, can we truly find God; only then can we be unified with our fellow man.

I offer another thought – the ego has a purpose and place in the whole person. I would even go so far as to say that in trying to kill off the ego, you are trying to kill off yourself. It is true that the ego has a powerful pull on the direction, interests and ultimate actions of the person, but like all human functions it can be harnessed to produce positive growth for the whole being. Instead of using great amounts of energy to conquer the ego, use that energy to define and enhance its positive effects.

For me, we are a projection of our ego, so that when we diminish it’s life, we diminish our own vitality. However, when we seek to examine and augment the impact of our ego, we are, in fact, increasing the ego’s ability to combine and unify with others. 

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