Scandalous God


One of the great scandals of man’s search for God has to be something that was mentioned in the previous post. I said that our church has a saying – Truth is truth wherever you find it. This fact has a huge implication in view of the us/them approach to God searching. Typically we enjoy a perception of preeminence in relation to our chosen path. If we are Christian, we assume all others, the “thems” are wrong and we are right. The same for any other flavor of religion or sect.

In fact we not only believe others to be wrong, but very wrong, and ourselves to be right about everything we think in relation to our religion. The great scandal is that God has allowed His truth to make it’s way into all sorts of “paths” – both the approved ones and the ones not approved. If truth is truth, then there is no difference whether Jesus or Buddah says that we should “love each other”. 

The essence of the truth is not in who says it, but in what is contained in the words.   

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