Exponential Impact

I’ve talked a lot about the difference between the singular and pluralistic feel some in the spiritual community have. Some are self oriented (singular) in their approach and practice of religion and spirituality. On the other hand, some are “others” focused (plural) in their view of life and its experience. My view is that we look at what happens to us as we live our lives.

When an event occurs in our life and we respond to it, our influence on others has an “addition” effect. We tell someone to our left or to our right or both. In that example now 2 or 3 people know of the event. This is how many view spirituality. “Go tell” is what we have been programed. We need to “add more people to the fold” kind of talk.

Realistically, the knowledge of the event travels additionally and exponentially. You tell a few, who tell a few, who tell a few, and before long everybody has heard some version of the original story.

 We need to live with an exponential view of life. We should understand that our actions and words have the exponential effect of ripples in a pond. This is an enormous ability for the positive and the negative. Let us live our lives to exponentially increase the influence of the positive in our lives and others.

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