The Environmental Church

Much has been discussed about the environment and the environmental movement. As in any cultural discussion, the church must have a place in the dialogue – in fact the church should be directing the dialogue. So many times the church has been at the back end of scientific discussion. Whether it is because we have an affinity to hold on to outdated comfortable rhetoric or because we have an illusion of power and don’t want to escape that illusion, I do not know, but what I do know is that a conversation has begun and we need to respond.

In the modern era we walked sheepishly behind culture and added comment to it. As things became more and more defined we began to adjust and enjoy being able to disect God in a seminary and teach about Him in detail. As the time changes, this simplistic, cut-and-dry approach is failing to work on everything from light and time to our own perception of these events. Spirituality is no different. Today there is a movement toward a more organic and visceral approach to spirituality. Whether it is called Postmodern or Emerging, the change of direction is apparent.

The church of tomorrow will look and feel distinctly different to the one we have today. There will still be steepled churches that meet the demand of spiritual consumers, but there will also be a new place. I see an environment that embraces both spirituality and mission; a meeting of service and belief. There is no difinitive snapshot of this gathering, it is and will be as maleable as it’s context requires. The key element to expect is a decrease in the individual aspect of experience and a meshing of combined experience.  

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