Mikey Likes it and You Will Too

Like Mikey, I found a new piece of hardware that I can say “I like it”. I  expect it will become a good friend in the months ahead. A new product from Blue Microphones called Mikey Digital  is a high-quality microphone to capture meetings, conference calls, business  meetings or even to make your own voice recordings in high-quality. The genius  of Mikey Digital is that it plugs into your iPhone or iPad and easily replaces  any other recorder and/or microphone that you have been packing.

Many of you that read Fill the Funnel are road warriors, or at least work  outside of an office or cube much of the time. Working out of your briefcase or  laptop bag is a way of life, squeezing everything you might need into that small  space. Combining equipment or replacing existing tools with smaller and/or  lighter alternatives is always a relief. Blue Microphone’s new Mikey Digital  microphone for iPhone/iPad will serve you well.

Mikey Digital directly connects to iPhone or iPad and is instantly recognized  for use with any audio or video application. Whether shooting video,  recording a keynote at a conference or capturing your next team meeting, Mikey  Digital captures truly professional recordings on-the-go with a stereo pair of  Blue’s premium condenser capsules and built-in sensitivity control. For the  non-techies, it simply means that you are using a professional-grade tool that  gives you stunning results.

Blue Microphone's Mikey Digital Microphone

Mikey Digital also features a multi-source input jack that allows for direct  connection of an iPod or a lavaliere micand other sound sources  to record with the highest possible fidelity to get that track into your audio  recording.

If you are experimenting with the use of online meetings, webinars, Skype and  Google+ Hangouts, the investment in a quality microphone should be top of your  list. I not only help clients figure out the best web tools for their needs, but  also the hardware. The number one item on my list for those applications is a  good quality microphone. The last thing you need is to sound like you are  talking through a tin can on a string with your prospects and customers, yet I  hear it every week. Listen to the sound quality of the speakers on your next  webinar. A quality microphone will make all the difference in the world.

Some things to consider before you purchase:

Blue Microphones Logo A little bit about the company. Blue Microphones has been  around for some time, and manufacturers and entire range of microphones from  Desktop USB through Studio Mic’s. Many podcasters online today are using Blue’s Snowball USB microphones. You just have to like a company  that names its products Snowball, Yeti, Tiki or Woodpecker. If you are serious  about sound quality, give these guys a look. By the way, the Tiki listed above is a really  strong product if you are working from your laptop rather than an iPhone or  iPad.

Might be a good time to thin out that laptop bag and lighten your load, while  improving the sound quality in everything you record. If you know someone who  lives this lifestyle, it is never to early to grab one of these for a holiday  gift.-from fill the funnel

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