Tribes – Take the Follow

I wrote a post on this topic previously and deleted it, thinking it was the right thing to do. I folded to a skewed opinion of another person and shouldn’t have.  I now know that it was a mistake to delete it. The key in leadership – both individual and corporate – is not to make decisions rashly and based on emotion. The basic concept in this section from the incredible book from Seth Godin, Tribes, is that there comes a time in leadership when, if your vision becomes cloudy, you must step aside and let those who are assured of direction lead.

When a leader is unwilling to let go of the reins of leading when their own direction is in doubt, a flag should go up and be acted upon by those within the organization. Not acting will only serve to cripple the organization. Without solid leadership, the leader only serves to move the organization more quickly in a direction neither he nor the ones he leads are aware of.

Great leaders know when to move on within the organization. Great leaders also know when they have reached the boundary of ability and can no longer adequately lead and move on outside the organization. When a great leader cannot let go, that leader sinks in both further ablilty and continued influence.

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