What kind of Change do we need?

The entire election cycle has had with it one undulating theme. However we try to look at it, Change, has been on the gilded tongues of both competing parties. It seems, in practice, that we humans tend to desire equilibrium more than constant change. In fact, one of the problems with many previously successful industries around the world is that when faced with a decision to change or to remain the same, they chose the latter. Typically this resulted in reduced influence or relegation to the history books.

Now, it seems, we yearn for “change”. Despite it’s popularity the word is a swarm of ambiguous ideas. Depending on how many people you question about the meaning of the word “change” will determine the variety of answers you will receive.

We have to admit that change is decidedly amoral. The true meaning has to be derived from its motivation. For me, the idea of change leads me in the direction of asking, “where is the reference for change?” When we decide to change, what will be the way we will measure our change?

Meg Wheatley (by now you know I’m a fan) says that,

Self-reference is what facilitates change in turbulent environments. In human organizations, a clear sense of identity.

the values, traditions, aspirations, competencies, and culture that guide the operation are the real source of independence

from the environment. When the environment demands a new response, there is a reference point for change.

Self-identity gives us the fulcrum to make positive progressive change happen. Self-identity and self-reflection are crucial in the volatile world we live in. Meg doesn’t say, “If the environment demands a new response”, she says, “WHEN the environment demands a new response”. Reinvention and rebirth come from change that has at it’s root an accepted identity.

Whether in our homes or at work, change will come, but the question to ask is, “Where will the reference point for change come from?” If you do not have that point identified, change can bring distress. If you do have that point solidly in place, change can produce exponential growth in your life and career.

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