Life on Mars


Had to take a moment and post about one of the best shows on ABC this season. I’m loving Life on Mars. At first I thought that the concept of a police drama set in the 70’s would be far too lame to endure. Yes it is another remake of a UK hit, but it is more. The first thing is that, to be personal for a moment, my first memories on this planet come from 1973. The amazing thing for me is that when I try to remember events back then they take on the same Polaroid orange hue that is the signature of the photography of this series.

Each episode finds me in a flash back moment. It is certainly surreal, but there is so much to comment on. Harvey Keitel was a perfect choice to play the police Captain. He embodies with furvor the ethos of the early seventies. The episodes also remind me how far we, as a country, have come in both our ability to relate to each other and our corporate world view.

The show also makes me think of my own kids. What will they remember of the early years of the 21st century? What shows will be on the media networks when they are my age? Will I be around to enjoy the juxtaposition of a time I will then remember quite well?

These questions are good ones, but for me, I want my kids to remember the positive events and occurrences that have happened and are happening around the world. Sure we have reason to be concerned about the future, but never before have we been empowered with the tools to make things happen.

The future is ours to write. We choose the font and whether it’s bold in CAPS or in italics. If you remember the seventies like me, check out Life on Mars, and enjoy a trip in the Wayback Machine!

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