Pillar of Generosity Part One

This Sunday we talked about the subject of generosity. This is a topic that is not mentioned in a lot of churches because too frequently we connect it only to money. Churches are afraid to talk about money even though we all have some and use it to live. That failure to connect generosity to a deeper spiritual need is compelling because of Jesus’ pervasive teaching on the subject.

At the essence of generosity is a willingness to give and a refusal to hoard. Love is essentially an act of generosity because we are giving our love to others. In the narrative of the Prodigal Son, the father exercises generosity by not extending wrath and throwing a party. At the heart of the practice of Christian spirituality is the generosity of the One who displays that generosity by giving Man the ability not only to be aware of his need for a more abundant life, but also the ability live out that abundant eternal life – not in the “by and by” but now.

How incredible to be a part of a spiritual discipline that emphasises giving of love and grace instead of the taking of lives and land. Several years ago, we in the established church couldn’t say that. The Crusades had been waged in an onslaught of taking, all in the name of God. Thankfully those times have past, but there are still some who view Christianity as a “war to fight” or a “battle to win”. Jesus told Peter when he tried to take from another that “he who lives by the sword, dies by the sword”.

May we do all that we can to become a community of generous people who live generous lives in generous ways. Only then will people “know us by our love”.

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