Book – The Intention Experiment

I wrote about this book several months ago. It was the sort of book that I needed to read, then set aside and then read again. I finished the book during our vacation last week and had to comment on it.

Some of the subject matter is both intriguing and disturbing. The author posits some radical thoughts about the very act of thinking and the thoughts influence on the world around it. 

Definitely for the brave of heart, I found myself at times putting the book down and verbally asking questions out loud…to no one in particular. This book provoked my thinking and stoked the intensity of my belief in the incredible possibilities in human development.

“The Intention Experiment” takes you through plausible, though detailed, studies and experiments on the power of the humnan mind and spirit. In the end you are invited to continue the “experiment” yourself and interact with an online community of people and experience the power of intention personally.

Though I do not hold to all the author describes and concludes, I do think the subject matter is of importance to those who desire to see the interconnectedness of the mind and the spirit.

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