Viva la Vida

Had to make mention of this album by Coldplay. It is a wonderful thing when artists see the need to reach and stretch; it’s even better when they do it with confidence and flair. In their latest album, Coldplay delivers both an experimental approach and a homage back to their distinctive pop money-making formula sound.

This album is thought provoking and entertaining, but on a different level than previous attempts. Chris Martin told Billboard in April that the band “wasn’t afraid to do anything.” From African beats and hand-clapping to a nearly instrumental on track one, they succeeded in the “anything” department.

Loved the title track and “Lost”. “Violent Hill” also has to be a favorite. This is a great marker to let all of us know the Coldplay will be around for a long time.

Viva la Coldplay!

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One Comment on “Viva la Vida”

  1. cooper lowe Says:

    Viva la vida and lost! Are the awesomest songs ever!

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