A Change is Gonna Come…

Lately, things are happening all over the world. One day there is a typhoon then next storms, and then earthquakes. All of this taking place in a heated election year. It is during times such as these that many can become paralyzed by the magnitude of change happening around them. What we know deep in our spirit is that the pendulum of change has swung and will swing again bringing both pain and pleasure. To be human is to experience both emotions.

The real test is our response to the unsettling events and our seeming inability to control anything. The first response should be to breathe. Breathe in all of the events as they happen – experience the moment, but realize that as soon as it has occurred for you in the present, with the ticking of the clock the event moves to it’s permanent residence in the past. You, however, are still here…in the present.

Be true to your feelings, be they grief or joy. Simply understand they are just feelings and can change based on our future recollections. What may seem horrible now, may have peace or joy attached to it later. In the meantime, accept that the changing nature of life won’t stop.

This observation will bring hope to some and none to others, our perception shades every experience of our lives. We get to choose how we respond to situations in our lives. And with those choices a road is paved before us.

I, like you, look at the global news and hear the troubling reports, but in the shock we can see that the undulating ribbons of God’s love has never stopped.

Though we question and do not understand fully the “Why?” and the “How?”, we can be grateful of an opportunity to see greater and larger view of God as we hear the stories of those who…”if it had not been for my neighbor waking up and telling me to move, I would be dead.” or “if we had not moved to another part of the house when we did, we wouldn’t have survived.” This is what I choose to do, and I hope you will join me in purposing to hear the good in a time when we will be hearing so much bad.

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