Life Questions

Occasionally I like to think in abstract, incongruent, counterintuitive ways. OK, more than occasionally, but the point is that I like asking myself questions no one else will ask me. Provacative questions that confront me and compel me to evaluate and investigate my life and how I am relating to myself. Once that is known I can better relate properly to others.

Stay with me now. What follows are a few questions to pose to yourself and think about. Remeber that the most significant parts of a musical piece are the spaces between the notes. As you ask yourself the questions pay attention not only to the questions and answers that come up, but also to the quiet spaces between the questions and answers.

Who are you? not as self, but as Self

Why are you here? not your work, but your Work

How are you unique? gathering all the stuff that makes up you

How can you make a dramatic difference? your best contribution to humanity

Who cares about this?

Do you care about this?

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