Another Primary: Obama vs. Clinton

Well, it seems we have to see yet one more drawn out primary in Pennsylvania. Hillary Clinton has defeated Barack Obama by a double digit percentage point. Yeah. What will we possibly do until the next primary? Live is the likely answer.

Don’t get me wrong I am “into politics”. I can talk and talk about different opinions and the pros and cons of each candidates. Seems to those I’ve talked to recently that this is somewhat of a lackluster season. It’s almost May for crying out loud, and we don’t know who the respective parties will have as their person.

Instead of a dialogue beginning between the two distinct candidats, there is still infighting in a party. One great thing is coming out of this though. You have to look at the content and there are some good things happening in the speeches across the nation. It does look as though the issues that “we” are interested in are finding there way into the discussions of the candidates. This, we would all agree, is a good thing. We’ll just have to wait and see how things pan out in Indiana – can’t wait!  

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