Batterson and Kili

I subscribe to a few really good blogs from people who I like to think of as long distance mentors. To be a mentor you only have to be doing or “being” a person who exemplifies certain character traits that I feel would be beneficiall in the long-term for me. Mark Batterson is one of those guys. I love his blog because it is real. You may be thinking – “they are all real”, but I’ve read and subscribed to others who began posting about their life and families and ended up trying to preach from the blog.

Mark’s blog shoots life into my day because he is a great speaker, but he doesn’t take himself too seriously. Case in point is this recent post. One of my life goals is to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. Mark posted that not only was this one of his goals. but he also has the opportunity to see it happen.

Many times we write out goals and then put them on the shelf. Thanks Mark for letting me take a few back off the shelf, brush them off and see what we can do in the near present instead of waiting or forgetting.

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