Georgia vs Xavier


Up front, just to let you know, this is a self-indulgent post. I love March Madness and the Georgia Bulldogs are what that madness is all about.

Alright, just a few minutes until NCAA Basketball. Georgia upset the apple cart Sunday with their amazing comeback by beating Arkansas 66-57 in the championship game. “From last to first in four days” one of the signs said. That win earned Georgia  its first trip to the NCAA tournament since 2002. Well, today the Dawgs take on Xavier.

Dennis Felton should go into this game feeling a little more secure in his job as coach following the SEC championship victory Sunday. I’m not going to try to put this game in the proper perspective – you can’t do that if you’re rooting for a team; especially an underdog team who isn’t supposed to be where they are.

I pick Georgia to win this game today by at least 8, probably 10. It’ll be close, but by the time the game is over, I think you’ll have seen a refreshed, refocused Georgia team on their way to the Sweet 16.  

Another game I’m interested in is Baylor vs. Purdue. I’d love to see Baylor beat Purdue, but I think Baylor may lose by 4.


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