Richard Florida


Richard Florida is the guru of the Creative Class. His book, The Flight of the Creative Class, has opened up a new way of looking at what being creative means for more than just the individual. The book discusses the “global competition for talent” and offers ways the United States can compete.

What I really like is his new book, Who’s Your City. In this book he discusses the attitude that “cities should focus on attracting high-paying, attractive jobs. Economic growth and a thriving jobs market would attract the best talent, right? Wrong. It turns out that it’s more important for cities to focus on creating a strong, diverse talent base. By fostering a strong creative class, cities are assured of future economic growth and prosperity.”

In an interview Florida also says something that needs no more interpretation than to simply read it:

“Talent and creativity do not reside in the individual. They reside in the relationship.” Think about that one for awhile.

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