A lot of talk is going around about sustainable this and sustainable that. Most of the conversation centers around the unbiased “greening” of everything from cars to toilet paper. Some of this is done for good reason, and some are simply jumping on the wagon before they are labeled environmentally unfriendly.

I think of sustainability as something that will remain. A couple of days ago I wrote about the desire of Thom Browne to accomplish at Brooks Brothers things that would outlive his time there. This idea has to e the center of the conversation when we talk about influence. The influencers in any organization or people group are those who do more than sway popular opinion. They are those whose ideas are adopted and made part of the culture of a group or organization.

We must seek to do more than change a mind – we must seek to change THE mind of the organization or culture so that our ideas last longer than we do.

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One Comment on “Sustainability”

  1. sustainable in this case means leading to a better stage by not leaving something old that is still good, and eliminate the bad old thing

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